Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw specializes in sporting/hunting dogs but welcomes patients of all types.

Bradshaw Sporting Dog Vet

Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw

Dr. Bradshaw is a native Arkansan who attended Veterinary School at The University of Georgia. Upon completion, he returned to Arkansas to practice veterinary medicine with a focus on the sporting breeds. Jonathan and his wife Stephanie own clinics in Little Rock and Arkadelphia at South Arkansas Veterinary Hospital.

Jonathan Bradshaw DVM

Sporting Dog Focus

Dr. Bradshaw specializes in sporting dogs of various breeds. He actively hunts, competes with retrievers and understands the common injuries and diseases associated with the hunting dogs.

Hunting Dog Veterinarian Arkansas


Dr. Bradshaw has full service offices in Little Rock just off Rodney Parham Road and Arkadelphia at the South Arkansas Veterinary Hospital. When able, Dr. Bradshaw travels within the state of Arkansas to provide veterinary care for sporting dogs at various kennels.